NothingIsImpossible. Hello Beautiful world =) Name is Sherin and I am a bit crazy. I'm in love with music, art, and just the beauty of my surroundings. But most of all, I'm in love with God, he's had my back through so much. My goal is to inspire you to try something new today! I Love ALL OF YOU =P *peace*

Throwback Thursday Testimony Nighy @hofstraivcf :) #tbt #ivfamily #instagram #clothesline

But here’s a special one for my brothers. To quote the wisest of the George kids, “This day reminds me of how graceful God is by giving me you guys as brothers [and sister]” #nationalsiblingday

Happy National Sibling Day, I know, I know we’re cousins, but there were countless moments this year where I’ve realized that you guys have been so much more. Special shoutout to @mynameisjudy, the newest of my siblings! So blessed to have you guys!

Come to our Atrium table and take pictures with our Instagram booth for free!!! #tbt @hofstraivcf @candacec777

Week 13 || Favorite Quote || “Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.” This book holds a lot of my story, one day I hope it will effect change. #vgimgirls #yourstory #journal #quiettime

Week 12: Song of the Week || Woke up singing “Adiyanitha Deva- Here I Am)” and then heard it at church a few hours later. #vgimgirls #encounterextend

Week 11: New Friends || Three years ago I came to Hofstra and made great new friends. Now, looking back, I can’t tell you how glad I am to have these people in my life. New friends to true friends to family in such a short time.#diversityintervarsity #friends #blue #mariaandsean #diversity #ivfamily #vgimgirls #somanyhastags #startedcouldnotstop

Week 10: Cutest Part of your week. Part 2. #vgimgirls #proposal #batman #firehazard

Week 10: The cutest thing you’ve seen this week. Part 1. The love birds, @mariadora116 and @seaner91 got hitched…not a dry eye in the house. <3 you two and praying for you always :)))

Week 9: Favorite Thing. Cute chocolate shops with @mynameisjudy and family :) #chocolate #seriouschocolate #bayshore #weddinglife #vgimgirls

Week 8: Everyday Bag. We stand up for the 27 million people enslaved in Human Trafficking by supporting organizations like the Nomi Network. #enditmovement #vgimgirls

Happy #Bowtie Sunday! #photoboothcraze #bowtie #tie #blue #sweet16

After such a hectic week, last night was so restorative! Happy birthday to the cutest twins. #plainviewgirls

Week 7: Your favorite tv show. My favorite tv show would be our version of HIMYM #missyounina #vgimgirls

Week 6: Guilty Pleasure. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. #vgimgirls

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